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Order Of Events

Learn more about the events that will be at our inaugural rodeo!

Tangier Honor Guard


Presenting the colors and National Anthem

Tangier Legion of Honor will be presenting colors on Friday night.
Ladies of Tangier will present the flag on Saturday night.

Tangier Chanters will sing the National Anthem.


Bareback Riding

Bareback riders endure more abuse, suffer more injuries and carry away more long-term damage than all other rodeo cowboys. It's a tough way to make a living, all right. But, according to bareback riders, it's the cowboy way.

Bucking Bronc
Rodeo Action shot


Steer Wrestling

Speed and strength are the name of the game in steer wrestling. In fact, with a world record sitting at 2.4 seconds, steer wrestling is the quickest event in rodeo.
Photo by Jordan Heinrichs on Unsplash


Mutton Bustin

Mutton busting is an event held at rodeos similar to bull riding or bronc riding, in which children ride or race sheep. Sign up on our page and purchase registration, if your child would like to try it.

Mutton Bustin
Team Roping


Team Roping

Team roping, the only true team event in ProRodeo, requires close cooperation and timing between two highly skilled ropers - a header and a heeler - and their horses. The event originated on ranches when cowboys needed to treat or brand large steers and the task proved too difficult for one man.


Saddle Bronc Riding

In saddle bronc riding, the contestant attempts to ride a bucking bronco for eight seconds. The horse is equipped with a regulation saddle with stirrups and a six-foot braided rein attached to a halter and held with one hand.

Bareback Bronc Riding
Steer Wrestling


Tie-Down Roping

A cowboy's success in tie-down roping depends in large part on the precise teamwork between him and his horse.


Barrel Racing

Barrel racing is an intense sport where the winner is determined by just thousandths of a second. No matter how talented the horse is, and how skilled the rider is, just one minor error can be the deciding factor whether they leave an event with prize money or not. 

Photo by Dulcey Lima on Unsplash

Barrel Racing Competition
Jared Parsonage of Maple Creek SK rides Barnes PRCA Rodeo bull for go-round win in Las Vegas


Bull Riding

Bull riding is the most recognized as well as exciting rodeo game where riders have to maintain their balance on a tamed bull for a specific duration of time.


After Party

Come to our official after-party at Stocks and Bonds. Cowboys and Tangier Nobility will be present each night after the rodeo.

Coors After Party at Stocks N Bonds
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